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October 4th is the launch of the Dream Effect Project, starting with an emphasis of 100 days of wonder.

What is it?

It is a unique Quantum Storytelling Experience that will play out on 

∞ a unique YouTube Channel, launching on 10/4

∞ Its own mobile app, that will be ready for download on 10/4

∞ social media platforms Facebook and Instagram on Fiorella Giordano Platforms.

The 100 Days Of Wonder, where we will watch, interact, and record the wonders we experience, as we collectively follow the unique narrative God is breathing on. 

What you need:

- Open heart.

- Wonder Box and Journal this can be any notepad and storage item of your choosing. 

- You can have three smaller boxes in a larger box or three baggies, these are for the purpose of cataloguing any items you run into in the 100 days that depict a point of contact with the intersection of heaven and earth. Its your box! you can put in it what ever you want!

My wonder box is one large box with 3 smaller boxes for these categories, you can follow my model:)

- Curiosities: things that capture my attention and interest.

- Synchronicities: signature signs (numbers, words, etc) and also spaces where life seems to line up in relationship and circumstances.

- Anomalies: things that are completely out of the common pattern. 

- journal to chronicle and process the 100 days and the wonders that surface.

You will be able to share your effect (what you are experiencing via hashtags on the Dream Effect IG platform or via Facebook under the tag #jointheeffect

I would love to feature some of you in the Dream Effects Stories on IG as well as the forum on Facebook. 

God is speaking and your interaction with His voice has an effect in His narrative. It must be heard. 

You can engage as deep as you want!

If you choose to hop in  late  with the wonder box that is ok! 

The point of the boxes is to begin to curate your story with God. I would love to be able to build Expos of Gods wonders int he near future, and this will certainly build on to that. 

More on that soon. 

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