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Click here to join New Creation Continuum Course- We launch May 9th!



Join our thriving community where we are building and discovering what no eye has seen or ear heard and focusing our attention to build from the future and not to the future. For us time is positional and not a system of events we find ourselves in. We architect ages with Divine Forethought. 

In 2024 we have a significant focus on the Spirit of Wisdom, and building from a New Earth paradigm.

New Creation Continuum Course

Join us for the life changing experience where we will understand the Government of the Morningstar- We kick of May 9th



Fiorella Giordano is a Visionary, Futurist, Infiniteer , Innovative Thought Leader, and Spiritual and Cultural Architect who is marked to terraform the eternal continuum into creation. 

She is also a Mystic, Speaker, Consultant, and Creative, who desires to see every imposed limit set by oppressive systems surpassed in the power of the dream of God, manifesting  itself through a multiverse expression of power, wonder, and possibility centered and rooted in Christ.

Her goal is to reveal God's infinite vastness, and draw others into the discovery of the unimaginable fathoming of His heart and mind, in order to empower them to pioneer and create His dream with and through their destiny.



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